Kayak Reviews

Review: Necky Looksha II Composite  In the August 1996 Issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine Necky's new composite Looksha II was reviewed.  Here is what the reviewers had to say about the Looksha II:
Review: Necky Looksha IV Polymer  Necky's polymer Looksha IV was reviewed in the December issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine
Necky Looksha Sport  John Lull, California Canoe & Kayak
Sit-On-Top Kayaks  Necky Dolphin, Spike and Dorado: versatile and fun!  Dave L. Bigelow, Prototype tester
Sitka by Dagger
Magellan by Dagger
Necky Tofino Double Kayak  Dennis Johnson's letter comments on the workhorse of the fleet, the Tofino.  Dennis Johnson, Director, Outdoor Adventures, University of California at Davis
Review: Necky Elaho Polymer  Oct. 2001 Issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine Necky's new polmer Elaho was reviewed.  "The most maneuverable sea touring kayak I have paddled."
















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